Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Residential Cleaning Services!

As it is said that, “A home demands care, respect, and order to remain a true refuge.” – Ellen Glasgow! That is True. 

Home is where our heart is, and keeping it clean is our responsibility to keep maintaining a positive ambience. But with regular jobs and hectic lifestyles, cleaning the entire home regularly is a challenging task. You need to devote precious hours every week just to keep your abode tidy and in good shape. This is where professional house cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, come in. 

Professional cleaning services have made household chores effortless. By hiring experts to deep clean your living spaces, you can reclaim your free time and focus on what truly matters to you. In this blog post, we will discuss the top eight frequently asked questions related to procuring maid services. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the questions!

How to Choose Reliable House Cleaning Services? 

When hiring residential cleaning help, choosing a professional house cleaning company is really important. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Reputation and experience: Check online reviews to get client feedback and understand the company’s reputation in the market. Opt for an established provider with several years of experience.
  • Cleaning specializations: Some focus only on routine maintenance cleans while others provide specialized services like move-in/out cleans, deep cleaning, window cleaning, etc. Pick one as per your exact requirements.
  • Pricing and packages: Compare prices and understand inclusions/exclusions. Budget weekly/bi-weekly/monthly plans suiting your finance.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Ask friends or browse online reviews about their experiences with different brands. Trusted referrals hold great value.

How Much Does Home Cleaning Cost on Average? 

Cleaning costs depend on multiple factors, such as the size and condition of your home, the frequency of service, additional services required, your location, and the cleaning company.

Always ask for customized quotes detailing inclusions. Thoroughly read contracts to avoid surprises. Reputable local brands like Cura Maids® also offer timely payment plans, money-back guarantees for affordability and peace of mind.

How Often Should You Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned? 

The ideal cleaning frequency depends on factors like family size, types of household activities, and individual preferences. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For most families, getting weekly/biweekly regular maintenance cleans is ideal to keep surfaces disinfected and spaces clutter-free. This prevents dirt buildup.
  • Larger families with kids and pets may need weekly service. Elderly couples can manage with monthly cleans.
  • High-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms usually demand weekly attention. Living areas can be biweekly.
  • Consider seasonal adjustments as needed. Discuss customized schedules with pros based on your specific lifestyle.

Regular light cleans paired with periodic deep cleans ensure safety, sustain aesthetics and increase home value in the long run.

How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Cleaning Appointments? 

Proper planning and adequate notice are always appreciated when booking home cleaning schedules. Here are some best practices:

  • For recurring weekly/biweekly cleans , schedule and confirm appointments at least a week in advance for reliability.
  • Deep cleaning jobs require 2-3 weeks’ notice for booking appropriate staff and timing slots.
  • Standard move-in/move-out cleans need minimum 4 weeks notice.
  • Request preferred timeslots and discuss access needs for pets/kids adequately in advance with cleaners.

Is It Important to Be Present for a Cleaning Or Is It Ok If the Cleaners Work Alone? 

Home cleaning policies vary by provider regarding client presence. In general:

  • For safety and liability reasons, most prefer the client not to be present when the job is underway. Cleaners can focus better without distractions.
  • Customers are always welcome to stay home but remain in separate quarters of the property while cleaning is in progress.
  • Pet owners may need to secure pets elsewhere for a few hours. Arrange sitters in such cases.
  • Reputable firms conduct comprehensive background checks and vet their teams well. So leaving keys for access even when absent is considered reasonably safe.

With trustable house cleaning partners in Raliegh, both shared occupancy and solo cleaning options work seamlessly.

What Items Should Be Cleaned Specifically During a Deep Clean?

A thorough deep clean tackles areas often ignored in regular cleans. Here’s a comprehensive checklist:

  • Dusting and cleaning fans, light fixtures, window blinds/treatments, wall art, crown moldings etc.
  • Deep scrubbing of surfaces like kitchen cabinets/drawers, appliances, toilets, and showers using disinfectants.
  • Sanitization of electronics and remote controls with alcohol/disinfectant wipes.
  • Exhaust cleaning of oven, microwave, hood, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator shelves/vents.
  • Mopping/disinfecting of hard floors including grout cleaning and baseboards.
  • Shampooing of upholstery, curtains, and throws using steam/extraction cleaners.

Getting ahead on these key tasks ensures your home is immaculately clean from top to bottom.

Should I be Home When Cleaning Chemicals Are Used?

It is recommended that you are not present at home when strong cleaning chemicals and disinfectants are being used. Responsible cleaning services often employ these products only when clients are not at home to minimize their exposure to fumes and associated health risks. It’s also important to inform cleaners beforehand about any allergies, sensitivities, or restricted product usage. Additionally, you can request green/eco-friendly cleaning options if preferred, and look for third-party verified eco-labels to further ensure safety. With proper planning and transparent communication, the risks associated with chemical cleaning can be minimized.

How Should I Prep Before The Cleaning Team Arrives?

Pre-cleaning protocols help save your cleaning team’s time and deliver the best results:

  • Pick up clutter and stash away valuables, documents from surfaces.
  • Take out garbage and recycling bins before emptying.
  • Ensure all items are off priority surfaces like countertops, floors to expose them fully.
  • Organize messes in drawers/cabinets needing attention.
  • Clean pet areas and empty litter/food/water bowls 30 minutes before the team arrive.
  • Make beds with minimal linens to expose mattresses.
  • Open all window treatments and turn on all lights for inspection access.
  • Move houseplants/furniture with client’s help if heavy, as required.
  • Keep pets in separate rooms or have them boarded for the day.

Proper pre-arrival set-up aids efficiency, quality checks and keeps crews on estimated schedules.


I hope you’ve got all the answer regarding  professional residential cleaning services in Raleigh, NC. As a leading local provider with a decade of experience, Cura Maids® commits to complete transparency, safety and quality for our clients. Feel free to contact us for customized quotes, demo cleanings and a safe, hygienic space you can truly call home! Keep thriving in good health.

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